Reach the Right Partners. Drive Mission-Focused Growth.

Attract high-impact clients and amplify your social good with ABSD for Nonprofits.

SPRIGHT for Nonprofits

Our Approach

We’ve adapted ABSD principles to address mission alignment and social impact measurement, ensuring outreach efforts connect you with partners who share your values and maximize the positive social change your organization creates.


Magnifying Glass

Audience Targeting

Modern contact database research and analysis to identify specific audiences layered with qualitative review to identify and score alignment with your mission.

Mission Alignment

Similar to Commercial ABSD, we’re diving deep. In this case, to find common ground with missions and social impact objectives – a high-touch approach to Outbound.

Telling Your Story

Multichannel outreach and audience-centric messaging that tells your story in a way that meaningfully connects with the partners your trying to reach, at scale.


Impact Analysis

Understanding how your audiences are engaging, refining our approach and measuring social impact by way of connections formed into particular audience segments.

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